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Ministry of Physics
Pilot for a new comedy series featuring Ben Miller and Charlotte Ritchie. Tired of science getting in the way of their agenda, the government decides to take matters into their own hands by establishing the Ministry of Physics,  a radical new department which has been put in charge of the laws of nature. What could possibly go wrong?

Crush test 

YouTube series with Tom Scott. Mad gadget review show where the reviewers get a simple choice. If they like it, they keep it. If they don't, they smash it up. Items to get the crush test treatment include a glove you can make phone calls with and a kettle that texts you when it has boiled.
10 x 3 minutes for BBC Bitesize.  Imagine you had a computer for a flat mate - how would you get it do what you wanted? This series for teenagers explains how computers think so you can make them work for you.

Information Age


6 x 3 mins - Screen Glue was commissioned to make a series of animations for the London Science Museum's big new gallery opening 'Information Age'. Also in the series - the first transatlantic cable, the world's first business computer and the radio that launched the BBC.  Light-hearted, quirky and warm, these films are the easy way to scientific enlightenment.

Firebrand Ad 

This is Screen Glue's hommage to Sliding Doors.  A commercial made for award-winning IT company Firebrand to show what makes them special. To quote Firebrand's Commercial Director "Of all the money we spent on Marketing projects in 2013 this was the best spend without a shadow of a doubt."

quarX Pilot

Pilot for multi-platform drama series for children - TV, online hub, app, book, intergalactic merchandise. Quarx stars a group of teenage pranksters.  These though are NOT your average teenagers.  They can change the laws of physics so their pranks are, well, out of this world. 
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